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Poll - homeopathie

Geloof je in homeopathie?rating

Geloof je dat de homeopathie (buiten het placebo-effect) werkt?

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0 Necrathex, 09 april 2008 13:33
NecrathexIt's very hard to disconnect the placebo effect from homeopathy, because homeopathy is (imho) one of the best placebo's available. There have been studies showing big and fancy coloured pills work better than dull ones, and even the price has an effect: http://www.fuqua.duke.edu/news/ariely-placebo-0308.html

I think people underestimate the power of their minds (expectations) onto their bodies.
1 madove, 06 april 2008 21:48
madoveWell, can also be (in case of my father or dog) that the aspectations of your surrounding that you will be better now creates a placebo effect in some ways...
But I was indeed speaking about REAL homeopathy, meaning not "normal" plant medecine that contains measurable amounts of stuff that does the deal, but the homeopathy with ... well.. nothing in it, D12 or sth. Makes no sense to me, but I've seen it working.
0 gna, 06 april 2008 18:22
gnaThat's also something that should be noticed: many products are sold as homeopathic while they are actually medicines based on natural ingredients (so not the stuff with only "watermarks" of an active component)

Personally i suspect that the real homeopathic products do work because of a strong placebo effect on some people (the mind can heal)
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-1 Roosviseetje, 06 april 2008 10:18
RoosviseetjeI agree with Madove
5 madove, 04 april 2008 18:38
madoveI don't speak (or read) netherlands, but as a german I more or less guess what you wrote...
I voted "Yes" because I've seen it working some time on people who didn't know it was being applied (for example my father ;-) ) or animals, and where I would exclude therefore the placebo effect.
I see absolutely NO scientific explanation why it should be working, but there exist still a lot of things without satisfactory scientific explanations, and to me, homeopathy seems to be one.
-2 Necrathex, 04 april 2008 11:02
NecrathexDe mensen die hier Ja stemmen weten dat bij homeopathie er geen enkel molecuul van de "werkzame" stof meer in het middel zit, en het dus onmogelijk is om te achterhalen waar het voor/tegen zou moeten werken en net zo onmogelijk om te controleren of de producent meer dan een lege huls aflevert?

Homeopathie is equivalent aan ingestraald Jomanda water, alleen heeft zij niet het geld voor dure tv-reclames (http://www.avogel.nl/).
-1 gna, 02 april 2008 17:57
gnaEdit: beschrijving week af van voter-description. (Ik geloof dat de mogelijkheid bestaat / sluit niet uit, maar ik geloof niet)
0 Necrathex, 02 april 2008 14:07
NecrathexNee, het idee van homeopathie is dat je een middel neemt dat juist de symptomen van je ziekte veroorzaakt en dat zo ver verdunt tot er niets meer over is. Door het 'geheugen' van water zou je dan genezen.
0 Jouke, 02 april 2008 13:49
JoukeDat is toch het hele idee van homeopathie, het placebo effect?