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Poll - videospelquote

Wat is je favoriete videospelquote?rating

Iedereen moet deze kennen. Welke is de beste?
"They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test-chamber..."414%
"Hell, It's about time"13%
"Ah! My leben"00%
"I'll make weapons from your bones!"310%
"What are you waiting for? Christmas?"621%
"M-M-Monster kill!!!"931%
"Join the army they said..."310%
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Nieuwste reacties:

2 Necrathex, 01 november 2007 12:21
NecrathexEnabled requirement for this poll :)
-2 Conorach, 12 oktober 2007 13:47
Conorach8| you _don't_ know them??? omg (-:
1 gna, 11 oktober 2007 20:07
gnaNo, people who don't do games just shouldn't be bothered by polls like this :)
-1 Roosviseetje, 11 oktober 2007 20:03
RoosviseetjeIf you want to get rid of me, yes. But you could just ask as well... :P
0 gna, 11 oktober 2007 18:57
gnathis poll is a good one to give a requirement for access :)
-2 Roosviseetje, 11 oktober 2007 17:24
RoosviseetjeSo if I DON'T know them, how stupid is that???

(Okey, I know I know. don't answer that question)
2 Necrathex, 11 oktober 2007 16:32
NecrathexI was missing "BY FIRE BE PURGED!" from this list ^_^